You've felt this way before.

You're lost. A boat unmoored from the dock, drifting aimlessly into the water.  Ten billion tokens in your wallet, and not a single one worth a dime. Transactions reverted, but gas fees swallowed. Just one moonshot away, but it gets further every time. 

It's not too late to find your path back. You know the feeling. We all know the feeling.

Come home.

 10% tax; 5% LP, 2% Reflections, 3% Marketing. Contract verified and renounced. LP burned, see below for details.


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The Cycle Of Feeling


( You )

This is ( You ).   


Also ( You )

This is ( You ) explaining why you missed FEELS. 


( You ) Again

It's ( You ), only this time you've missed the boat and it's starting to sink in.     


A funny mushroom

Probably not you. A demonic sigil engraved into the minds of people that spreads through the memetic noosphere.  


( You ) if you hold FEELS

( You ) are bright and sunny, warm and funny. A joy to everyone you meet and good person.  People wonder, "how did he do it? "



Greg swears "This shits legit. Good vibes, ya dig brah?" He smokes weed and lived in a state park hammock for a year, probably illegally.


Dont just take our word for it. The telegram is the place to be if you truly want to feel what it feels like to feel again. To feel that feel that's been too dangerous to feel for too long. Feel us out. Get to know us. Cop a feel. Feel good.



10% total tax on transactions, broken down as follows:
5% Liquidity
2% Reflections
3% Marketing




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